For over 20 years, we have been replacing windows and doors in the Ottawa Valley, and are recognized as a specialized installation company that doesn’t shy away from the more difficult applications. We use only the finest products, from well established manufacturers such as Marvin, Infinity, Integrity windows; and Masonite, Madawaska doors.

We have extensive experience in wood, extruded aluminum clad, PVC and the ever-growing fiberglass lines of windows. If entrance doors is on your renovation list, we can direct you to the popular steel entrance systems, or the beautiful and rich oak wood doors. An alternative might be the new line of fiberglass doors on the market today that offer realistic natural wood finishes. All of these are available with hundreds of different glazing options.

We are passionate about taking on the more complicated structures such as bow or bay windows, curve or round top windows. Our many years of experience have given us the necessary resources to replace these units with an air and watertight sealing method. Whether it be french or patio doors, we can offer you the best possible solutions to meet your specific needs. Call today to book an appointment. Visit our supplier links for further research.