Interior trim, or millwork as it is often referred to as, are all those mouldings you see around your doors, windows, and along your floors. But it can be more than that!

The right choice of upgraded interior mouldings can enhance your décor and add great value to your home.

diagram2Actually, it is one of the most economic forms of renovations that you can perform in your house – that will enrich your home’s re-sale value. These decorative mouldings, referred to as casing and baseboard, are ¾” thick and give the impression of a picture frame around your window and doors with this increased thickness. And just increasing your casing width from 2 ½” to 3 ½” makes a world of difference. Add to that a bull nose sill on all your windows for a more colonial look and you have created something truly exciting. Baseboards in the same way – consider increasing their height from 3 ½” to say 5 ¼”, and these minor changes truly start to define a room and provides instant character.

diagram3But that can only be the beginning of your new expression! By adding decorative headpieces…like the samples pictured… you can achieve a heritage like feel to the top of your windows and doors, while still maintaining a modern flare. And from there, crown moulding is always a favorite way of breaking that stark and dull edge between a ceiling and a wall. If you have 9 foot high walls [or higher], even consider using two piece crowns and baseboards. Let us show you the possibilities. And talk to us about executive recessed ceiling and wall panel work, or perhaps the use and placement of roman columns as formal room dividers.

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