One of the last areas of the house to receive attention, but is also one that can add the most re-sale value to your home. If you are considering more living space, a playroom for the children, a home theatre, or a quiet reading room, you are most likely considering the finishing of one of these two spaces. And rightfully so, for they are more cost effective to transform into living space, than adding an addition. And more than likely, this area of the home is just sitting empty, cluttered and unused, waiting for some special attention. Let us show you how to take advantage of this valuable square footage.

If natural ‘light’ is of great importance to you and perhaps a reason for not converting this space, there are remedies available to you. For instance, the basement can receive larger or new window openings. And if a bedroom was a consideration in this lower space, we can ensure that they would meet the National Building Code, and provide proper fire escape routes. In the case of an attic space, dormers and skylights are valuable considerations, and they usually come with a great view.

Other criteria that may have prevented you from finishing these spaces in the past; could have been the absence [or cost] of a new bathroom; or the lack of air conditioning in the attic; or the coolness of the basement. Talk to us! There are solutions and these costs may not be as prohibitive as you may think.